At nine years old I didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up, where I would be living, or how big of an effect an art store would have on my future. On any given afternoon I would walk by the window of the local art shop, and in the window the most breathtaking and magical array of crystals would transport me to a world of beauty, peace, and simplicity. As the sun touched the crystal every color imaginable would glisten in the light; warming me to the core. There was magic in this window… and I felt magic in my heart.

Two years later my father passed away suddenly. I felt a darkness so deeply debilitating it seemed like there was no bottom. Everything in my childhood seemed like it was spinning…I felt lost.


A few months later I walked by the art store, the sun hit the window, and something deep inside me awoke. This awakening opened a vibration that would forever be the inspiration for my work.

So today when I sit down to design a new piece, or when I start working on my new line I reconnect with that feeling. Pieces for me are not complete unless I get that same feeling from the colors and textures as I did as a young girl. Beauty comes in many forms, and everyone deserves to have a piece. For me beauty is a feeling- a vibration.

I am inspired today by: the moon as it touches falling snowflakes, two unlikely colors that join to create a symbiotic feel, the look in my two children’s eyes after a long day or hard time… that look that says, “Mom I love you,” or when a customer comes up and says, “Hey that piece I got from you I wear all the time, and every time I wear it I just feel good!” The creation of my line is partly physical, partly visual, and partly emotional/vibrational; when I feel those three things I know the piece is complete.

Today I find love and peace with my family, my dogs, outside by the chickens coop. I hope that my interactions and the pieces I create allow people a sense of peace and happiness... whatever that means to them.

k.h.designs is passionate about creating new looks that enhance the personal styles of their customers, making for a versatile, ever-changing collection. k.h.designs has been a dynamic, successful, and impactful line of jewelry for over 20 years. 

K A R L A  H A U G E N


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