Stone Qualities: 

Black Garnet- Deeply grounding to connect you with the earth, attract prosperity, tap in to deep unseen power, protective, energy purifier, self-empowerment and recovery. 

Moonstone- Strengthen feminine energy, activate intuition, bring clarity to the path of our life, perceive beyond the veil, magnify intention, and bring emotional balance.

Pink Sapphire- Stimulate gentle emotions of love, forgiveness, and acceptance, release that which no longer serves us, heals wounds of past traumas, build compassion, and open the heart center.

Green Cat's Eye- Clear your intuitive center and open up vision/knowledge, clearly interpret energies and situations, surrender to divine will, bring peace to your life.

Blue Sapphire- Mental and psychic activation, open inner wisdom, effectively communicate with others, strengthen inner knowing, expand deeper consciousness.

Pearl- Increase sense of calmness, center yourself, bring purity, strengthen feminine energy, open inner wisdom.

Turquoise- Harness communication and manifestation qualities, improve overall well-being, balance emotions, enhance life long wisdom, reconnect to wholeness.

Stones come from all over the world. Many of the carry properties of protection, peace, love, and strength. k.h feels that by designing pieces with the best stones out there; you the wearer is able to take a piece of the world with you at all times... to assist in whatever you may have going on. Most designs can be made with any stone you desire. Looking for a boost? Tell us what you need and we will suggest a stone/ design that will help you.

This season one of the designs I am most excited about are the stone charm necklaces. 

1. Pick a strand of stones that most speaks to you; stone qualities listed here. It even looks great to pick a couple.

2.Choose from a variety of charms that enhance the feeling and look of your strand; keep adding. We love 1,2,3 charms on one strand.

3.Give this amazing experience to a friend of loved one for a gift. We can work with you to create the perfect gift for yourself or a friend. Tell us what you need and we can help you pick what you be a great combo for you.

k.h.designs is available for: wholesale, styling, and private trunk shows. Contact us for more info.

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